Professional Slab Leak Repair & Replacement Services

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If you have a slab leak emergency, you have to act fast. Turn off the valve if your plumbing emergency is from a specific fixture. Or, if you have an insurance company, call them and report any damage in your home. At 24 Hour Plumbing / Astro Plumbing, we provide slab leak services for emergencies.

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At 24 Hour Plumbing / Astro Plumbing, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including swimming pool leak detection, assisting municipal water management systems with leak detection, and more. Our experts can help minimize excavating and repair costs by providing expert leak detection services.

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Slab Leak Specialists at Your Service

At 24 Hour Plumbing, we can locate slab leaks, main water leaks, sewer leaks, gas leaks, and more. Our technicians use the best equipment and experience to identify leaks accurately. We also use sound and infrared thermal imaging diagnostic methods to locate where the repair is needed.

How We Locate Your Busted Sewer Line

Our sewer leak detection technicians are well trained to use various plumbing tools to perform precise leak detection. These tools are equipped to detect sewer odor, video inspect the pipelines, and perform line tracing.

Gas Leaks Repairs

Gas leaks are very dangerous to your family, and the repair should be performed only by a licensed and qualified plumber. At 24 Hour Plumbing / Astro Plumbing, we are equipped to use different methods to repair your gas line.

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How to Repair a Gas Line

Repairing a gas line required a permit from the city municipality. Once that is received, we will begin the necessary procedures for your gas leak repair. Leaks found inside your home can be repaired by taking the pipes apart. However, outside leaks will typically require replacing the entire underground line. A few ways you can know if you have a gas leak include natural gas odor inside the house, appliance turning off, or worse, a giant explosion in your house.